Setup MikroTik Router RB450G

Who does not know mikrotik, mikrotik already widely used for the Router among office and home. In this session will be discussed neighbor how to install a router with mikrotik RB450G or RB750G. Routers can be used in an office environment or at home.
MikroTik router topology simple networks that we discuss this like the following picture :


Topology information

  • Ether1 (Public) assign from ISP :
    IP Address :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :
  • Ether2 (Local) for default gateway LAN :
    IP Address :
  • DNS adjusted with your ISP :
    Dns1 :
    Dns2 :
  • Workstation PC :
    IP Address :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :
  • Netbook :
    IP Address :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :
  • Access Point :
    IP Address :
    Netmask :
    Gateway :

Detail Specifications :

  • Mikrotik RB450G & Power Adapter
  • Switch Hub 8 Port
  • UTP Straight Cables
  • Notebook

Please follow the steps below :

  •  Plug the utp cable from laptop to ether5 RB450G, and make sure it connect.
  • Open tool Winbox who has downloaded, click the ” Connect To: ” to detect the mac address on ether 5. After the mac address is detected click connect.

    1. Detect Mac Address 2. Select Mac Address

    3. Connect Via Mac Address, Login: admin Password : blank

  •  After connect to MikroTik next add IP Address to interface ether1

    1. Select IP, 2. Select Address, 3. Add (+) 4. Replace to, 5.Select Ether1 6. Apply

  • After the input ip address (public) for ether1, now proceed to input the ip address for gateway local area network in ether2 :
  • Next step add route internet gateway public
  • After add the route don’t forget to input the primary and secondary DNS who is allocated by your internet service provider
  • After input DNS, now try the ping test via terminal on RB450G MikroTik router, see the example below :
  • After Ping tests on mikrotik router, then perform step NAT (Network Address Translation), serves to translate or translate the private IP address (LAN) to the Public IP address. so ip workstation / pc ( – can connect to the internet without using a lot of public ip.

  • After doing NAT, UTP cable plug from the port ether2 (LAN) to the ethernet netbook, setting ip address on netbook or pesonal computer by IP Address: Netmask: Gateway: and the DNS. After that do a ping to or reply means if you have successfully set up the router MikroTik RB450G. See the picture below :

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